Care & Repair

We stock some of the highest quality oriental rugs and carpets in the world and with quality comes durability. Your rug is built to last and if looked after properly it will age beautifully. However, you should consider some simple tips to keep your handmade oriental rug looking wonderful:


Your rug can be vacuumed regularly – avoiding the fringes of course. Fine silt and dust over time can become embedded in the foundations of the rug and become abrasive. To limit the effects of this, one should lay the rug face down and vacuum the back of the rug. The vibrations from your vacuum will shake the dust out onto the floor. Then fold back and vacuum the silt off the floor and repeat until no more dust is visible. Do this at least once per year or more in a heavy footfall area.


For spillages such as wines, rich sauces or sticky drinks you should keep some basic salt and baking soda to hand. After blotting (not scrubbing or wiping) with a cold water dampened cloth, apply generous amounts of salt or baking soda to cover the entire stain. This will neutralise most stubborn stains. Allow to a few hours at least before vacuuming up and repeating. For serious spillages, get in touch  as soon as possible to discuss.

Handmade Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs are incredibly durable but every so often, it really helps to have your rug professionally hand cleaned.

Our sister company The Oriental Rug Repair Co. Ltd offers free uplift and delivery, stain removal and a professional repair and restoration service.

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