Persian Saruq s. Rug (Old)

Fine Antique Silk Persian Saruq Rug

Code: LPRCJH150
Origin: Persian
Pile: Fine hand spun silk
Warp: Fine hand spun silk foundation
Dyes:Pure organic root and vegetable dyes
Price:£POA - each and every rug is priced individually


This rug is 100% hand made on a vertical loom in Iran (Persia). It’s luxurious, soft yet extremely durable pile is made from hand spun pure silks. The unique palette of colours have been achieved using root vegetable dyes. The warp and weft foundations (or fringes) are made from very fine handmade spun silk.

Our Handmade Guarantee:
Each and every knot is carefully tied to its warp and weft foundations. It was produced on a hand loom using traditional rug weaving skills passed down over many generations. The dyes are produced from root vegetables to create the wonderfully warm colours. We never use machines and we never use synthetic materials - ever.

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