A lot of people ask whether rugs should cover the whole area of the floor under a bed or whether its acceptable for it to cover the bottom half. Whether the should even go under the bed in the first place, or perhaps to the side of it.

The answer is it depends on the size and shape of your room. If you have a small room too large a rugĀ  will dwarf the space. Too small a rug and the it will look awkward. You can still use the rug by swinging it round so that its length runs along the width of the bed covering only the bottom half and creating a big enough margin around it. You could also leave the space under the bed rug free and place one at its foot.


If there’s a large space to the side of the bed it might be an idea to put a rug in that space to recentre the space. Alternatively you could overlap rugs which creates a casual bohemian vibe.

One thing we know for sure is that bedrooms are always enhanced by a rug, they provide warmth and cosiness in a room that should be a sanctuary. They can bring more of a focal point to the bed and hold the room together. We absolutely recommend one and have options for all sorts of different styles of bedrooms!


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