There are many things to consider when decorating a room, undoubtedly however, the starting point should be scale and proportion. This is not just when it comes to interior design and decoration but all design. We all have an instinctive attraction to things that are proportioned in a ccertain way – accroding to the ‘golden ratio’. It is a proportion we see in nature, music, classical architecture, it is even the proportion by which we are made up. For interior design purposes we must start will the scale or size of a room and adjust the proportions, or the relationship between all the things within it accordingly. This is especially true when it comes to picking out a rug. The rug should fit perfectly in a room, neither look to small or over sized. There is still a little wiggle room though, the ‘golden ratio is simply a guide not a an absolute rule.


If you have a large room, match your furnishings accordingly – small furniture can get lost and feel inadequate. The same applies for tall ceilings, the sense of space is exponentially greater with more height. Small rooms call for smaller furnishings so that everything feels proportioned. The same applies for rugs.