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Read some of our latest news and reviews of Oriental carpets and rugs. This blog features a variety of topics covering the latest trends in woven floor coverings to some of our coolest client projects. If there’s something you would really like us to write about or feature please get in touch – we love to talk…

Sourcing Rugs

Here at The London Persian Rug Company we pride ourselves in having the largest collection of Persian Rugs in the UK. We have all designs in all sizes, from over sized Heriz rugs to Sultanabad runners. Furthermore, if you’re looking for something in particular, something that’s tricky to come by and we don’t have it in… Read more »

27th June 2019

Room Proportions

There are many things to consider when decorating a room, undoubtedly however, the starting point should be scale and proportion. This is not just when it comes to interior design and decoration but all design. We all have an instinctive attraction to things that are proportioned in a ccertain way – accroding to the ‘golden… Read more »

5th June 2019

Home Trial Service

There are several steps to the service we provide here at The London Persian Rug Company. The two most crucial are; firstly, our clients coming into our warehouse and secondly, a home trial. Coming into the warehouse isn’t a great experience, to see all cavernous space full or rugs of every size, colour and design… Read more »

23rd May 2019


No matter what kind of floor you have, its always important to have a rug. Whether you have wooden floors, sisal carpets, laminate flooring or painted floorsa rug will add a textural element that will soften the space. A rug could also add interesting contrast with floor floor beneath it, creating a layering effect of… Read more »

17th May 2019

Natural Dyes

All our rugs our unique, hand made with cotton wool and silk and 100% natural dyes. They are made using the same materials and techniques as has been the case for hundreds of years. Natural dyes are without a doubt the best for dyeing yarn, they are hard wearing and give it an unsurpassed lustre…. Read more »

9th May 2019

Rugs under beds

A lot of people ask whether rugs should cover the whole area of the floor under a bed or whether its acceptable for it to cover the bottom half. Whether the should even go under the bed in the first place, or perhaps to the side of it. The answer is it depends on the… Read more »

12th April 2019

Beni Ourain Rugs

Many people will be familiar with the term ‘Berber rugs’ but will probably be thinking specifically about Beni Ourain rugs. These are the white shaggy wool pile rugs with simple darker geometric designs as below. These should be all made from 100% wool, hand knotted and undyed like the ones we have here at The… Read more »

2nd April 2019

Persian Rug Map

The styles of Persian rugs are distinguished, on the whole, by the area in Iran that they come from. Below is a helpful map that indicates where each style originates.

22nd March 2019

Aubusson Rugs

We have a wide selection of Aubusson Rugs here at The London Persian Rug Company, but not many people know what they are; let us enlighten you… Aubusson is a town by the river Creuse in Central France, where in the 16th central, weavers from Flanders settled. The tapestries and rugs that cam jout of… Read more »

14th January 2019

Vivienne Westwood Fashion Shoot

A few months ago, Vivienne Westwood approached us to ask to use our warehouse as a location for her fashion shoot. We jumped at the chance. Vivienne Westwood is bastion of British talent, a pioneering force in the Fashion Industry and an important cultural figure. Being a proud British company ourselves, we were excited at… Read more »

4th January 2019

Pantone Colour of the Year

Pantone have named ‘Living Coral’ their 2019 Colour of the Year. Because of this we have used the colour as inspiration to create some moodboards. In each we have used different styles of Persian rugs and mixed them with both antique and contemporary furniture. Moodboard 1 Ersari rug, rosewood coffee table, vintage Ikea chairs and dark… Read more »

18th December 2018


Don’t know your kilims from your Persian rugs? We are here to help! I’m sure you’ve heard the word ‘kilim’ before even if you’re not entirely certain what it is. Kilims (or kelims) are ‘flat weave’ rugs which means they are made by interweaving the warp and weft strands to produce a flat surface. They… Read more »

28th November 2018

Persian Rugs in artists’ homes

We love seeing Persian rugs in people’s homes (of course) and how they complement a variety of interior styles. Here are of some of our favourite creatives’ homes all complete with Persian rugs. Painter David Hockney’s Notting Hill Flat. The Persian rug and plywood trees he made add touches of colour to the otherwise minimalist… Read more »

24th August 2018

Persian Rugs in Art

Persian rugs are often depicted in works of art. Immortalized by some of the greatest Western artists of the last half century they adorn the rooms of important historic figures and archetypal bourgeoise and decorate royal courts and grand townhouses. Persian rugs have been coveted from when they were popularised during the Safavid Period from… Read more »

9th August 2018

Persian Rugs in Bathrooms

Would you put a rug in your bathroom? Have you ever even considered it? Just in case you haven’t or have but haven’t quite gone through with it here are some images of bathrooms with Persian Rugs that may just sway you… Whether you are going for a minimal, clean look or country style interior,… Read more »

25th July 2018

Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh Rugs are our current obsession. They are a charming variety of Persian rugs from the Zagros Mountains of southern Iran made by Qashqai and Luri weavers. They are much thicker and coarser than the other styles of Persian carpets – the word ‘gabbeh’ means raw, natural and uncut in Persian. Gabbeh rug patterns are… Read more »

18th July 2018

Oriental carpet underneath a dining table – sin or style?

So…this is a question we get asked a lot…should one put a Persian or Oriental carpet or rug underneath a dining table? Isn’t it a waste of a good rug I hear you ask? Doesn’t the table just cover the whole rug? Well, judging by one of our latest projects below (this above was a… Read more »

24th January 2018

The Anatomy and Design of an Oriental Rug

Behind the bright colours and beautiful patterns of an Oriental rug lies centuries of creativity, ingenuity and the highest levels of craftsmanship.   Anatomy Weavers have used the same ancient techniques since the fifth-century BC, and these techniques are still widely used across the world today. The construction of an Oriental rug, a rug made within… Read more »

21st December 2017

Persian Rugs – Mixing the old with the new

Mixing the old and the new is a trend which is continually flourishing, thanks to brave Interior Designers introducing antiques and vintage furniture into contemporary properties. Although perhaps in theory difficult to pull off, mixing the old and new is actually incredibly simple.   Image Source: Studio McGee Sticking to one style of Interior Design… Read more »

7th December 2017

Choosing Accessories and Furniture to Complement Your Rug

We recommend that you start from the floor and work your way upwards. Although choosing accessories and furniture is perhaps sometimes instinctive and based on personal preference, it’s process which must be thoroughly thought about and planned out in order to really enhance your space. It’s helpful to choose your furniture and accessories around the… Read more »

17th November 2017

Revitalising a Room with a Persian Rug

Forget introducing cushions, artwork, upholstery and general clutter into your room in a bid to revive it – start your transformation from the floor with a beautiful Persian rug! A Persian rug from us at The London Persian Rug Company will completely transform your space. It’s the ultimate and easy accessory for revitalising and bringing… Read more »

9th November 2017

Handmade Vs Machine-Made Persian Rugs

  To the untrained and naive eye, there is very little difference between a machine-made and handmade rug (besides the price!). However, there are in fact many differences between the two.   We have compiled a guide so that you can weigh up the differences before making an informed purchase from The London Persian Rug… Read more »

26th October 2017

Making a Bold Statement Using a Rug

  At The London Persian Rug Company, we think that there is no better way to inject a splash of colour into a room than with a rug– they have the potential to bring a room together and become the ultimate design statement, without even having to get out your paintbrushes! We believe that making… Read more »

3rd October 2017

Updating Empty Spaces With a Rug

  Is there a room in your house that is missing that one crucial thing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Do you need an interesting focal point? Do you want to add warmth to your space? Or do you want to make a room look deceiving larger and brighter than it… Read more »

21st September 2017

Incorporating Runners Into The Home

  Runners are a great alternative to traditional carpets. They are perfect for perfect for hardwood or laminate hallways in need of softening, or for dark corridors needing a stylish and easy update. At The London Persian Rug Company, we appreciate that there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a runner, whether… Read more »

4th September 2017

Where Are Oriental Rugs Made?

Oriental rugs have always been characteristically of the highest quality and are extremely durable. However, each rug is unique in appearance- each rug’s pattern, colours and weaving techniques are specific to a geographic area or tribe. This has led to a great deal of variation in style and design from country to country. There are… Read more »

22nd August 2017

Oriental Rug Care and Repair

Handmade Oriental rugs are the highest-quality rugs on the market. With quality, comes durability; your rug has been created using the finest craftsmanship to ensure that it will last for decades. However, if your rug does get damaged in anyway, our sister company, The Oriental Rug Repair Co. can help (even if you think your rug is… Read more »

3rd August 2017

How to position a rug within a room?

Every stylish room should have a rug, whether it may be a traditional Persian style or a more contemporary style. The positioning of any rug in a room is incredibly important; the correct positioning has the ability bring an entire room together. A rug should always complement the furnishings, accessories and colours in a room… Read more »

20th July 2017

The Room-Sized Persian Rug

Choosing which rug to place in your room is often daunting matter to consider. There are many things that should be taken into consideration; the style, the colour and most importantly, the shape and size of a rug. Here at The London Persian Rug Company  we are often asked the question “which size of rug… Read more »

6th July 2017

The History of the Persian Rug

Your Persian rug, whether it is positioned snugly in front of your fireplace or running along a hallway, is a textile masterpiece steeped in history. Centuries of creativity and ingenuity have lead to the creation of the highest-quality rugs showcasing a reflection of the past, and each with a unique story to tell. The London… Read more »

23rd June 2017

Large Persian Carpet

Buying a Large Persian Carpet – measuring and size

So you’ve got a large drawing room, living room space, open planned sitting space or just a large space that needs a floor covering. So what do you do? What size of rug do you choose? Which shape? What design – not too busy right as it’ll clash with everything (a common misconception!). Well don’t… Read more »

1st June 2017

Persian Rugs London

The Resurrection of Antique Persian Rugs

We have been supplying fine Antique and new oriental carpets rugs and runners to our clients across London and the UK for many years. It has however, only been in the last five or so years that we have began to see interior designers and home owners actively seek ‘vintage’ or antique/old Persian and Oriental… Read more »

19th May 2017

Persian and Oriental Fireside rugs

Don’t be limited by what one or two retail shops have in stock – settle only on a rug when you LOVE it. After all, it’s probably going to outlive both you and me so it really is worth getting it right. Try LOTS and LOTS in situ first – don’t buy from a rug… Read more »

3rd December 2016


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