All our rugs our unique, hand made with cotton wool and silk and 100% natural dyes. They are made using the same materials and techniques as has been the case for hundreds of years.

Natural dyes are without a doubt the best for dyeing yarn, they are hard wearing and give it an unsurpassed lustre. There are various sources from which the dyes are obtained from both the animal and plant kingdom, below are some examples:

  • BLUE from indigo, a plant of the pea family
  • RED from the root of the madder plant, kermes and cochineal – both types of insect.
  • YELLOW from saffron, reseda plant, vine leaf or pomegranate.
  • GREEN from indigo and vine leaf mixed together.
  • BROWN from walnut shell or oak bark.
  • ORANGE from henna and root of the madder plant.
  • BEIGE from walnut shell and pomegranate skin.
  • BLACK from indigo and henna.

Aside from these there are also the natural beiges, greys and brown from the wool used.

The use of natural dyes obviously has a beneficial impact on the environment, the chemicals that go into processing synthetic colours are terrible pollutants. They are also much kinder on your skin.