There are several steps to the service we provide here at The London Persian Rug Company. The two most crucial are; firstly, our clients coming into our warehouse and secondly, a home trial.

Coming into the warehouse isn’t a great experience, to see all cavernous space full or rugs of every size, colour and design is truly a sight to behold, it is also a crucial step in finding the appropriate piece for your room. Here you can make a selection of the type of rugs you like. It is surprising how many people come in with one idea and leave with another!

Once this selection is made, no matter how many rugs we need to bring out to you it is of upmost importance to us that the rug you buy is the perfect fit and that means seeing them in situ. A Persian rug is an investment and is something that will last for generations. Another reason why it is so important to see them in their final resting place is because look of rugs change in their context; the light in the room, furniture, type of floor etc are all variables that affect the look of the rug. Inversely rugs have a huge visual effect on their surroundings, they can make or break a room.