Gabbeh Rugs are our current obsession. They are a charming variety of Persian rugs from the Zagros Mountains of southern Iran made by Qashqai and Luri weavers. They are much thicker and coarser than the other styles of Persian carpets – the word ‘gabbeh’ means raw, natural and uncut in Persian. Gabbeh rug patterns are simpler than the ones you’d usually associate with Persian rugs, some have linear geometric designs and they often carry small colourful animal motifs.

The colours used in the rugs are created using natural plant dyes and though most of them are neutral beige and brown colours some can have a bright yellow or red field though the colour is variegated throughout.

Like all good Persian rugs, they are made from natural hand spun yarns but are at the less expensive end of the spectrum due to their less elaborate designs and smaller number of knots though are equally as durable.

They are reminiscent of Moroccan Berber rugs because of their simple yet playful designs, their size and their thick wool piles on wool foundations. They compliment contemporary and minimalist décor, providing a lovely hand made and textural quality.

Here’s the trailer for the beautiful award winning film ‘Gabbeh’ who’s protagonist magically springs to life from a depiction of a young woman from a G

Women weaving traditional Persian rugs in Iran

abbeh rug!

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